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About RWC Group LLC

Izhmash Research & Production Association of Russia, one of the world’s largest firearms manufacturers and the manufacturer of Saiga rifles and shotguns, Biathlon target rifles and of course, the legendary AK47, appointed RWC Group LLC. as their exclusive US importer during the 2012 SHOT show. Saiga rifles and shotguns are based on the classic, rugged and reli- able Kalashnikov design, manufactured by one of the world’s oldest (founded in 1807)and largest firearms companies, Izhmash in Rus- sia. In addition to importing the Saiga rifles in 7.62 x39 .223 .308 and 5.45×39 caliber and Saiga autoloading shotguns in 12, 20 and 410 gauges, an additional line of Izhmash products will be available including: new shotgun models featuring factory skeletonized butt stocks, vented forends, magazine wells and Picatinny rails.

RWC will also have Kalashnikov models featuring CAA’s battle prov- en furniture. In addition, the original Izhmash furniture and a complete line of original Izhmash factory replacement parts and maga- zines will be available from RWC.